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Integrity is Everything

The core of our business focuses on guaranteeing that our products meet the highest standards while we satisfy our clients’ needs and expectations in every respect. At Al-Munjed Trading, product integrity and maintaining strong relationships with our clients are the cornerstones of our corporate values.


Integrity, honesty and complete client satisfaction encompass the entire supply chain process at Al-Munjed Trading to ensure unrivaled service and long-lasting partnerships with our clients.


Our expertise in understanding manufacturing processes and producing quality products enables us to aid our clients in running their businesses more effectively. Our value-added services also allow us to provide excellence to our clients, regardless of their needs.


With strong relationships and unique expertise, we offer clients an all-in-one supply chain management resource to effectively reach your goals.

Technical Innovation and Value-Added Service

At Al-Munjed Trading, we do our utmost to continuously provide technically innovative and value-added services with our clients foremost in mind. With expansions to our existing infrastructure underway, we aim to become a global high quality service provider for all of our clients.

About us

In focusing on merchandising physical commodities,we position ourselves to provide value through customized services, strategic asset placement and support investment operations. We trade foods and ingredients, energy products, freight and other commodities internationally. As a result of our experience, relationships and service, Al-Munjed Trading has grown into one of the region ' s premier independently owned physical trading companies.

We specialize in the trading and transporting of solid fuels. In addition, we offer reliable logistics coordination and commodity price risk management through all of the physical and financial tools available in the market.

We are also a major player in the food products and ingredients markets across the Middle East. Our experienced affiliate producers provide customized services to our hubs in Jordan from which we distribute our finished products throughout the region. Clients have come to rely on our tailored approach in meeting and exceeding their expectations.

Our team consists of driven professionals committed to providing excellent and superior services to our clients. We combine our experience, flexibility and responsiveness to act upon the ever-changing market conditions to bring value to our services.

Through solid global relationships, we provide our expanding network of regional and international clients with the best quality products, added-value logistics services and after-sale support services all while maintaining quality and timely execution along the way.

What We Do


Foods & Ingredients

The Modern Food Factory is a licensed and inspected plant that was built by Al-Munjed Trading after realizing the need for a processing and packaging facility and the value it brings to vendors and clients.  Located in Al-Zarqa Free Zone of Jordan, the factory complex houses a cooled dry food storage facility, a chilled handling and storage facility, a state of the art clean room and a main packing floor. The plant complex was designed and executed to offer the value-added service of re-packaging food products from break-bulk form into consumer size packages. Some of the products we re-package into various sizes include milk powder and other powdered or granulated foods and ingredients, as well as butter.




Al-Munjed Trading had towered to become the only locally based supplier of fuel grade petroleum coke, offering our clients an alternative to local fuel oil. Al-Munjed Trading had proven its value to local industries through assisting in product selection, logistics management and solid fuel feed support.


We are also a major player in the international arena with our capacity to relocate petroleum slop and sludge to contracted blending facilities in Malaysia and Singapore. Through our team of innovative professionals, we play a major role in material sourcing, blend stock analysis and selection, and the marketing of finished products.






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