AlMunjed Hydronic Systems

AlMunjed Hydronic Systems CO,. LTD established in the year of 2002 , with Capital amount about million Jordanian dinars under the national registration No. 500000640, AL Munjed Hydronic Systems Co.

AlMunjid Hydronic Systems CO,. LTD specialized in water supply systems, heating under the tiles and building materials to the projects through a policy of wholesale and adoption of the distributors in all governorates of the Kingdom of Jordan. The company provides a professional stuff of qualified and trained to serve our customers and provide them with information and technical advice they might need.

One of the main accredited suppliers for investment and real estate development Co. PLC (Emmar).

Companies and factories supplied the Munjed Hydronic Systems is the regional agent and distributor for the following Companies.


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Fax: +962 6 551 5473
P.O. Box: 963537 Amman 11196 Jordan

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